Digital tourism: best practices and new trends in Pomilio Blumm’s research

Pomilio Lab conducted a study on the tourism communication and its specificity, starting from the analysis of some territorial campaigns. The research, became an academic essay, was published in Italy in the book “Dire la Natura. Ambiente e significazione” (Tell Nature. Environment and signification)


Premio Ambrosoli: Italy awards the silent heroes of legality

In a few days, the prize Premio Ambrosoli will be awarded in Milan: a recognition to responsibility, integrity and professionalism, promoted by Transparency International Italia and inspired to the Italian lawyer Giorgio Ambrosoli and his civil and moral example


The Milan Charter: a global commitment coming from Expo

The Ministers of Health of various countries around the world sign the Charter of Milan, the document that reflects the heritage of Expo and expresses the commitment of Institutions and citizens for a world where food will be accessible and safe for all


Patient empowerment according to Professor Peter Schulz

The status of online health infosphere: Peter J. Schulz, professor and Health Communication Specialist, talks about it in a sneak preview of the interview realized for ICS Magazine next issue



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