The Milan Charter: a global commitment coming from Expo

The Ministers of Health of various countries around the world sign the Charter of Milan, the document that reflects the heritage of Expo and expresses the commitment of Institutions and citizens for a world where food will be accessible and safe for all

Environment, agriculture, food, health, safety: all of this was discussed at Expo 2015. Even though the Universal Exposition ended, the commitment linked to the development of these issues is still alive, to ensure the universal right to food and contribute to a healthier world, equitable and sustainable. The document formalizing the Expo’s cultural and moral heritage, that is the Charter of Milan, was in fact signed by the Ministers of Health and heads of delegations from various countries in the world.

The signature of the Charter, which is a collective and shared statement of intent, took place at the end of the International Conference "Feeding the planet, feeding it healthy." The event, organized by the agency Pomilio Blumm, closed the activities of the Italian Ministry of Health at Expo with seven sessions throughout two days.

The event - in line with the spirit of Expo - has led to a high-profile comparison on nutrition at the global level. The universal nature of this challenge has been emphasized also by the Italian Minister of Health Beatrice Lorenzin, who recalled: "Planet's health is our health."



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