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A magazine made by communicators for communicators. On each issue contributions of experts and protagonists of the world of professions, Institutions and research.

Published since 2010 as ICS Magzine, in 2016 the magazine has changed its name and graphic layout and has become Blumm ICS Mag, thus honouring the historical magazine designed and issued by Pomilio Blumm during the 70s.

Under the aegis of University “Sapienza” of Rome, Confindustria Assafrica & Mediterraneo, Transparency International Italia, Italian Association of Semiotic Studies.


Arjun Appadurai

Towards a politics of hope

n. 3/2015 - Expo 2015 Special Issue

Philip Kotler

Millennial Marketing

N. 1-2 / 2015

Michael Dobbs

House of Europe

N. 4/2014

Spike Lee

United States of Europe

N. 2-3/2014

Umberto Eco

Digital amnesia

N. 1/2014

Harper Reed

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