ICS Pomilio Blumm

The International Communication Summit is an international laboratory for a specialised in-depth examination aimed at top management in the Public Administration, in which points of view and ideas are explored in the search for a new “species” of communication. The Summit offers an unparalleled experience in contact with the leading world experts in communications, in order to acquire essential skills and approaches in a rapidly changing sector and maintain a high level of attention on emerging issues in the world of institutional, professional and academic communication.

After the experience of the first three editions, ICS has doubled the annual meeting, declining the original format on different territorial scales: national and international. In addition to the well-established appointment of ICS Rome, there is also ICS Europe, held in Brussels and more oriented to issues related to the European Union.


ICS lab

ICS Pomilio Blumm is much more than an event: it is a real cultural laboratory, divided into various instruments. In addition to the International Summit, the system includes ICS Newszine, a monthly newsletter that represent a smart tool for monitoring trends and changes of the web, and ICS Magzine, a quarterly specialized magazine that aims to preserve and strengthen the ideas emerged in the summit in order to "put them back into circulation". Three projects with a single vision: to open up a space for discussion for, and between, communicators, and to follow the innovations and trends of the sector through the ideas of its shrewdest interpreters.

Each channel – events, news media, the web – will have its own communicative specificity. If the newsletter enables us to monitor current trends, to “stay on the story” in accordance with the fast pace of the web, while the event provides time for a wide-ranging meeting and interaction, the role of the magazine is to gather, conserve and potentiate all of these ideas, to put them back into circulation for subsequent revision and in-depth analysis.

ICS format

Organised according to the formula that made the Aspen summit famous, ICS interprets, in an interesting way, the concept of interaction between testimonials, discussants and auditors, creating a concrete interaction between the different levels of participation.

The cornerstone of the ICS format is an amphitheatre system where all the participants have the opportunity, through the moderator, to present comments, questions, and ideas for debate.

ICS why

new languages and models for a transparent communication between Institutions and citizens
for future challenges, thanks to experience, testimonials and data processed solely for the summit 

tools and effective solutions to interpret the present and compete in contemporary society

the most interesting and innovative communication strategies in different sectors


ICS team

ICS scientific coordination: Virginia Patriarca
Editor in Chief ICS Magzine : Daniela Panosetti
ICS Newszine coordination: Sara Fiadone
ICS social media coordination: Federica Vagnozzi


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