Perceived corruption: Transparency International Index

Transparency International published its new CPI 2016: the Corruption Perception Index, which ranks 176 countries in the World according to their perceived levels of corruption

Since 1995, Transparency International publishes an annual ranking of countries according to their perceived levels of corruption. The 2016 edition of the CPI (Corruption Perception Index), resulting from measurements focused on the public and political sectors, ranked 176 countries worldwide.

At the top, Denmark and New Zealand, followed by Finland and Sweden. Virtuous countries all share the adoption of legislation that are considered advanced in terms of transparency and accessibility of information.

For European countries, things did not change so much compared to the previous year's ranking: this situation of stalemate, according to Transparency International, does not report worsening nor significant improvements in fighting corruption.

In order to see the complete index click here.



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