Italy, the door to the Mediterranean: Fiera del Levante goes social

As a reference point for Mediterranean traders, the appointment with the historic multi-sector trade fair in Bari will come back in September: an enhanced offer and a distinctive communication will be the main features of the 78th edition


University of Louvain: a congress on communication ethics

In September, Brussels will host the annual congress of the European Public Relations Education and Research Association, organized by the LASCO laboratory of the Université Catholique de Louvain, partner of the ICS Pomilio Blumm Europe


From Centre Pompidou, Bertrand Tschumi for the project ANIMA

To combine social and environmental needs by celebrating the highest vocation of contemporary architecture. The starchitect Bertrand Tschumi chooses Marche Region for his Italian "debut": a cultural attraction promoted by the CARISAP Foundation


Wolgang Blau, The Guardian: towards a pan-european journalism

Interviewed at the International Journalism Festival in Perugia, the Director of Digital strategy at the Guardian, Wolfgang Blau, reflects upon the gradual "globalization" of information and calls for an integrated media system for the EU



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