Italy, the door to the Mediterranean: Fiera del Levante goes social

As a reference point for Mediterranean traders, the appointment with the historic multi-sector trade fair in Bari will come back in September: an enhanced offer and a distinctive communication will be the main features of the 78th edition

Nine days of cultural and recreational events, thirteen halls, two exhibitions, strategic partnerships with Alitalia and Trenitalia, exhibitors from all over the world: the Italian city of Bari is getting ready to host the 78th edition of the Fiera del Levante, which will be opened by the Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi next September 13th.

The 2014 program of the historic trade fair of Bari - among the main ones at international level - will be particularly rich: in fact, the products and services on display will embrace a wide range of product categories, from furniture to construction industry, from food to automotive and international craftsmanship. The trend concerning the number of visitors, growing steadily from 2012, is positive as well.

The complex integrated communication plan to promote the event will be managed by the agency Pomilio Blumm, with a strategy strongly focused on digital media and the 2.0 web, in line with the most innovative techniques of social engagement. 



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