Wolgang Blau, The Guardian: towards a pan-european journalism

Interviewed at the International Journalism Festival in Perugia, the Director of Digital strategy at the Guardian, Wolfgang Blau, reflects upon the gradual "globalization" of information and calls for an integrated media system for the EU

"On a transnational level some segments of the Internet are dominated by a particular function such as, for example research (Google) and commerce (Amazon). Online journalism has been immune to this phenomenon for long, thanks to the protection provided by local languages. However, today, global players with a great advantage in the production of apps and contents are arising and they are more and more able to compete with national leaders ": this is the picture the head of Digital Strategy at The Guardian, Wolfgang Blau, depicts when talking about the current state of information and its relationship with the digital world.

In light of the emergence of operators endowed with a more and more global reach, Blau does not observe a similar trend in Europe where, in his opinion, an actual European information system is missing: "I believe it could be a good thing - Blau underlines - if the perception of Europe in the rest of the world was no longer set by mainly American and British media, which are excellent, but it should be the result of an editorial activity equally divided with other European media, perceived as global”. 



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