Communicating food safety in Europe: Pomilio Blumm alongside EFSA

Transparency, clearness and interactivity are the values that inspire the communication of the European Agency for Food Safety, which from now on has the creative, professional and operative support of Pomilio Blumm for the organization of its own events


Spike Lee and Michael Dobbs at ICS Europe in Brussels

The panel of ICS Europe continues to be enriched by the great names of contemporary culture: the world famous African-American director Spike Lee and cult writer Michael Dobbs bring their authoritative view on stage at the summit sponsored by Pomilio Blumm


EuroPCom: experts discuss the challanges of EU Communication

Next October EuropCom, the European Conference on Public Communication, will be back with a two-day event in order to challenge European specialists of corporate communication


From Iran, bestselling writer Sahar Delijani for Blumm Prize Storysharing

The Iranian writer Sahar Delijani will be part of the jury of Blumm Prize Storysharing, the literature prize sponsored by Pomilio Blumm. Interviewed at the International Book Fair in Turin, the author reflects on the power of storytelling



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