Communicating food safety in Europe: Pomilio Blumm alongside EFSA

Transparency, clearness and interactivity are the values that inspire the communication of the European Agency for Food Safety, which from now on has the creative, professional and operative support of Pomilio Blumm for the organization of its own events

The goal of the European Agency for Food Safety (EFSA) is to protect us from the risks that can threaten the quality and healthiness of the food we eat. In order to do so, the agency carries out an activity of independent scientific evaluation, which communicates regularly to a wide range of parties, such as stakeholders, scientific community and consumers.

EFSA’s communication is therefore active on various levels and is required to adopt tools and languages ad hoc for each type of target. Because of the importance of the subject promoted, EFSA is moreover committed to create a constant and interactive dialogue, marked by a transparent and clear style. The events organized each year by the Agency are about sixty and vary by location and audience.

To manage the organization, EFSA has selected through an invitation for tender the communication agency Pomilio Blumm, which will grant its own services as part of a series of actions to increase consumers’ health and food safety of European products.



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