Between Italy and USA, a handbook for online politics

The English version of “La comunicazione politica online”, by the Italian communication expert Gianluca Giansante, is out. A reasoned overview on the traps and opportunities of politics on the web, with a preface by Obama’s right-hand man, Mitch Stewart


Apocalypse Postponed 50 years after: the contribution of ICS to the debate on Eco's theory

In 2014 "Apocalypse Postponed", famous essay by Umberto Eco, has turned fifty, and was talked about again. Another book, today, reconstructs its history and success, accompanied by an exclusive interview with the author: labeled ICS


Cultural storytelling: the new ICS magzine issue

The new issue of the communication magazine ICS is coming out and it will be dedicated to the different cultural forms of storytelling. Inside, the reflections of Frank Rose on immersiveness and the anthropological photos of Jimmy Nelson. On the cover, Europe seen through the eyes (and the pen) of Michael Dobbs


Expo 2015: the climate change on EU’s table

The conference promoted by DG SANTE on the impact of climate change on food safety took place last 5th June 2015. An opportunity to reflect on the scientific and socio-economic situation of public health and to raise the awareness of the wide audience




ICS Editorial

Design is a thought activity: we should not replace it with a mere “optimizing” approach, because it’s from imperfections that talent emerges.


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