Women, work, integration: the UfM commitment in a video

To promote equal rights between men and women, increasing women's participation in social, civil, political and economic life. Moreover, to fight forms of violence and discrimination: that’s the message launched by the Union for the Mediterranean


Keeping Sports Clean

Engaging billions of people, involving political decisions and moving huge amount of money, as a multi-billion dollar business, Sport is not only a global symbol of fair play but, unfortunately, a field where corruption remains a constant and real risk to fight


Business people: Money Gram Award 2015

They come from the Czech Republic, Tunisia, Ghana, Sri Lanka, Morocco, Poland and China. What do they have in common? Doing business with passion for their work: here’s a look at the winners of the MoneyGram Award, the prize for foreign entrepreneurship in Italy


Cultural storytelling: the new ICS magzine issue

The new issue of the communication magazine ICS is coming out and it will be dedicated to the different cultural forms of storytelling. Inside, the reflections of Frank Rose on immersiveness and the anthropological photos of Jimmy Nelson. On the cover, Europe seen through the eyes (and the pen) of Michael Dobbs



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