Science and technology: ancient times re-surface from the Sicilian sea

In the Mediterranean heart of Europe, off the coast of Sicily, a 12 metre monolith has been identified, sign of a submerged settlement dating back to 9.500 years ago


E-government: Morocco, the African avant-garde

A web platform, a call centre and an app: Morocco uses digital technologies to shorten distances between public administration and users. The objective is to improve the quality of the services provided


Fight against corruption: there’s no tolerance for impunity

The 16th International Anti-Corruption Conference in Putrajaya, Malaysia, has just concluded. On the table, not only the fight against the widespread phenomenon of corruption all over the world, but above all the commitment to make sure that the corrupt do not remain unpunished


PanLab: scientific research as the driving force behind business

The 22 million Euros international centre of excellence of the University of Messina, Italy, has been inaugurated: the experts will analyse foods, provide advice to firms and study food and human health



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