Expo 2015: the climate change on EU’s table

The conference promoted by DG SANTE on the impact of climate change on food safety took place last 5th June 2015. An opportunity to reflect on the scientific and socio-economic situation of public health and to raise the awareness of the wide audience

To reflect on the challenge of the climate change, the prevailing presence of mycotoxins in feed and food and on the consequences for public health and food supply: this was the goal of the conference Climate change and mycotoxins in feed and food: a challenge for feed and food supply and safety, promoted by the Directorate General for Health and Food Safety of the European Commission, which took place last 5th  June 2015 at Expo 2015 Milan EU Pavilion.

The impact of climate change on the presence of mycotoxins in feed and food is relevant and it has been significantly increasing in Europe in recent years, causing many problems to food safety. The purpose of June 5th conference was exactly to sensitise on the reflection on the subject, in addition to providing concrete information on the scientific and socio-economic factors influencing regulations.

The conference is part of the rich calendar of events promoted by the European Union at Expo 2015 and organised in cooperation with the agency Pomilio Blumm: an agenda full of events and meetings promoted by the European Union to confirm its commitment in facing the challenges related to the management of food resources in Europe.



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