Between Italy and USA, a handbook for online politics

The English version of “La comunicazione politica online”, by the Italian communication expert Gianluca Giansante, is out. A reasoned overview on the traps and opportunities of politics on the web, with a preface by Obama’s right-hand man, Mitch Stewart


The book “Online political communication”, by communication expert and advisor Gianluca Giansante, has reached the market of English-speaking countries. After the Spanish edition, the English translation, published by Springer, confirms the strategic value of this work, dedicated to the use of the web to build consensus and foster the participation of citizens in the political process.

Combining a scientific approach with experience on the field, in line with the twofold vocation of the author, the book debunks a few clichés about the web. Among these, the shared perception of distance and automation of the online space. Through the analysis of some case studies, Giansante shows, instead, that digital campaigns give back a central role to people and direct relationships within the political process, providing an excellent example of engagement, which applies also outside the web, in the “real” world.

The English edition is enriched with a preface signed by the director of Obama’s campaign, Mitch Stewart, who in his introduction recalls: “The power of organizations starts from the people”.



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