Business people: Money Gram Award 2015

They come from the Czech Republic, Tunisia, Ghana, Sri Lanka, Morocco, Poland and China. What do they have in common? Doing business with passion for their work: here’s a look at the winners of the MoneyGram Award, the prize for foreign entrepreneurship in Italy

Italians? Not by birth, but to work. Here are the MoneyGram Award winners, the only national award that recognizes excellence of companies run by foreign entrepreneurs in Italy. Men and women with extraordinary success stories, despite bureaucracy, banks and sometimes inefficient operation of the Italian logistics chain, as they themselves point out, condemning some of the known critical issues of our country.

Abderrahim Naji, a businessman of Moroccan origin aged 48, is the winner of MoneyGram Award 2015, along with Damian Ranasinghe (Sri Lanka), Joanna Grunt (Poland) - Evelyne Sarah Afaawua (Ghana), Lenka Kosikova (Czech Republic), Sihem Zrelli (Tunisia), Marco Wu (Italy) for the categories: Employment, Innovation, Youth Entrepreneurship, Profit growth, Social responsibility, Second-generation Entrepreneur.

That of those who choose, from abroad, to do business in Italy is a large number reality with a growing trend: indeed, in 2014, foreign entrepreneurs run over 630 000 of businesses in Italy. They are "bearers of culture, business values and an industrial solidarity often neglected by Italian companies” as highlighted by Stefano Zapponini, speaking on behalf of the “Piccola Industria di Confindustria”, who collaborates to the initiative.



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