The cultural exception. Or how communication can make a difference

Culture: a product like any other or a sector to be protected? The debate raised last year is still open but a possible solution comes just from communication because, whichever way you see it, there is no value for culture if not that of being made accessible to all


Art and communication. From the Mediterranean to the future

Always anticipating future times and elected ground for experimentation, art communicates with society again and is an acute and courageous interlocutor in the relationship between public and private, between institutions and citizens


Heritage communication: towards a european Renaissance

There is a growing awareness about heritage meant as an economic and cultural resource. In this perspective, communication is set to have a leading role. Because ideas have no value unless they are suitably shared


Ethics and creativity: when trust comes from ideas

Companies are the driving force of trust: they bet on the future and represent the millennial symbol of the founding bond between ethos and technè, between (well) being and (well) doing. What is trust indeed if not the ability to have an idea on the future?




ICS Editorial

Design is a thought activity: we should not replace it with a mere “optimizing” approach, because it’s from imperfections that talent emerges.


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