Act, react, impact: the european parliament looks at citizens

“This time is different” is the key message of the European Parliament communication campaign for the upcoming elections. Stephen Clark, coordinator of the campaign explains why.


Fendi, Maserati, Pomilio Blumm gathered in Bruxelles: art and wine for Malawi

The Italian most exquisite wines and some of the most talented contemporary artists were in Bruxelles on a special occasion: a fundraising event for two centres in Africa. The event’s patron was the famous curator Vicente Todolì


A three way deal in the Mediterranean

In the Mediterranean area, next to the North African Countries and those of the Northern Shore, a third player is coming through: the Gulf Countries. New communitarian instruments are needed in order to help the European industry recover its centrality


Shared identities: the Pan Speech project

Stimulating the dialogue about cultural heritage to build shared identities: for this and many other reasons Pan Speech and INHERIT were born, a web platform and a European project from the idea of a group of international researchers



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