Blumm Prize Storysharing and the future of the ebook according to Amazon

The literature award sponsored by Pomilio Blumm makes its debut. Ambitious theme, interdisciplinary jury, target age: under 40. Among the formats allowed, also the digital one, upon which reflects Russ Grandinetti, vice president of Amazon Kindle Content


Tunisia: the private sector pushes economic recovery

The Tunisia Investment Forum 2014 was held in Tunis on 12-13 June. "In the past years – the Tunisian Prime Minister said – we were focused on politics. Now we are working towards the economic future". Objective: to increase the attractiveness of the country and create a favourable environment for investors


Mediterranean in 3D: ancient Alexandria back to life

Alexandria of Egypt is back to relive its past with International Augmented Med (IAM), a project of 3D reconstruction of the archaeological sites of the city, which will be illustrated by its scientific director, Yasser G. Aref, at the next ICS Summit Europe in Brussels


Brazil's World Cup corruption challenge

Transparency International has turned its attention to Brazil, home to the 2014 FIFA World Cup, drawing up a list of steps forward made by the government on the anti-corruption front, in order to establish a starting point for further future actions



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