Health is also communication: EMA’s formula

Listening, dialogue, accessibility in terms of availability of information and usability of contents: Guido Rasi from the management board of the European Medicines Agency, explains the communication 2.0 formula by EMA


Between Italy and USA, a handbook for online politics

The English version of “La comunicazione politica online”, by the Italian communication expert Gianluca Giansante, is out. A reasoned overview on the traps and opportunities of politics on the web, with a preface by Obama’s right-hand man, Mitch Stewart


U2 star Bono and the Italian Prime Minister Renzi to fight global hunger together

U2 front man was the protagonist, with the Italian Prime Minister, of the event organized by the Italian Ministry of Agriculture to promote world food assistance: the initiative was aimed at spreading the principles of the Milan Charter and the activities of the World Food Programme


Carlo Petrini issues the challenge: food and sustainability, a possible marriage

Responsible consumption and food biodiversity are more and more discussed, not only among insiders. Relaunched by the success of Expo, these themes have been behind the success of Slow Food for thirty years, as Carlo Petrini explained to ICS Magzine, before everyone else



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