PanLab: scientific research as the driving force behind business

The 22 million Euros international centre of excellence of the University of Messina, Italy, has been inaugurated: the experts will analyse foods, provide advice to firms and study food and human health

It may be written Pan, but it is pronounced “piano alimentazione e nutrimenti” (food and nutrition plan). The acronym describes the new International centre, launched last July at the University of Messina.

Dedicated to the control of the food supply chain and supported by academic research activity, PanLab is an innovative project aimed at strengthening the structure of the university’s laboratories: a hotbed attracting about 300 students and researchers from all over the world to Messina, and boasting 22 million Euros of investments. The activities range from the analysis of foods to the study of their impact on human health, from advice to agri-food companies to training.

“Through PanLab – explains the Dean of the University of Messina, Pietro Navarra – we wanted to combine the academic experience and the international vocation with the possibility to offer advanced services to firms”. For a detailed description of the project, watch the video realised by Pomilio Blumm, the agency responsible for the project’s public relations with press and investors.  



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