Bibliotheca Alexandrina, to see the past with new eyes

A crossroads between East and West, Alexandria is still one of the most important cities in the Mediterranean basin. Its glorious past, however, risks to be forgotten. To avoid this forgetfulness, turning the heritage also in an economic asset, is the objective of IAM, presented by Yasser Aref


PanSpeech: when the heritage meets crowdsourcing

A duty to future generations, a task to be performed, a participatory story: this is the idea of heritage promoted by the project PanSpeech for the enhancement of European heritage, conceived by a group of European researchers and presented by its scientific coordinator, Stephen Jacoviello on the stage of ICS Europe


Heritage and identity: the agenda of the EU

Cultural heritage plays a key role in Europe's future, ranging from being the cause of conflicts to a component of identity. Stephen Clark, director for relations with the citizens at the European Parliament, explains why this is the case. He describes the institutional activities devoted to communicating the heritage, including the initiative "House of European History"


The guru of communication try to rewrite the future of Europe in Brussels

The second edition of the International European Communication Summit enjoyed impressive participation of very involved audience and great interest from the media. Thus, it remains an important meeting place for ​​comparison, reflection and research in the sphere of modern institutional communication



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