PanSpeech: when the heritage meets crowdsourcing

A duty to future generations, a task to be performed, a participatory story: this is the idea of heritage promoted by the project PanSpeech for the enhancement of European heritage, conceived by a group of European researchers and presented by its scientific coordinator, Stephen Jacoviello on the stage of ICS Europe

Changing the perspective. Looking at the past as something dynamic, not stale and relegated to a “different” place and time. And recover the true meaning of heritage, as it derives from its Latin etymology ("the duty of the father"). This way heritage is not a set of given objects, but a combination of environmental and cultural assets that have a processual, narrative and performative dimension.

This is the unusual perspective with which the European project Panspeech starts, promoted by the University of Siena. It is a web platform open to the collaboration of the users, that uses the principles of crowdsourcing to collect the contents of historical and cultural significance, and thus help to stimulate collective construction of shared memory and enhance European heritage "from below”.

It was Stefano Jacoviello to explain this, a semiotician, a professor at the University of Siena and scientific coordinator of the project. Speaking on the stage of ICS Europe 2014, Jacoviello prsented some of the practical applications of the platform, including Innovating Heritage, space for discussion on citizenship, memory and identity in the EU. "One of our goals - sai the semiotician in conclusion - is to help governments understand their role in heritage conservation for the future of collective identity in Europe".



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