Accessibility and interactivity: culture according to Google

From works of art to monuments, historical exhibitions to the most beautiful places in the world, the ambitious project of Google Cultural Institute was created to digitize the world cultural heritage. But was also started to discover and appreciate valuable resources that are not well known. Below are the reflections of Simona Panseri from Google Italy at ICS Europe


From India to Italy, the thousand faces of social media at SMW in Rome

At Social Media Week in Rome, the panel of Confindustria Assafrica on communication was dedicated to Italy as global brand. Among many ideas that emerged, there was also a proposal to use social media as a tool for global market monitoring as well as a facilitator of democracy


Lobbying and corruption: overcoming prejudice

Transparency International launches "Lifting the lid on lobbying" to investigate the legal loopholes and a lack of transparency in lobbying practices in 17 European countries including Italy, where there have been 50 unsuccessful proposals of bills on lobbying since 1946


Michael Dobbs: Europe, the best story ever told

From the idea of ​​a united Europe to the relationship between institutions and citizens and the secrets of the global success of House of Cards, the key word is always the same: storytelling. In an unprecedented interview, Michael Dobbs, main speaker ICS Europe 2014, explains why knowing how to tell a story well can sometimes make a big difference



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