Shared identities: the Pan Speech project

Stimulating the dialogue about cultural heritage to build shared identities: for this and many other reasons Pan Speech and INHERIT were born, a web platform and a European project from the idea of a group of international researchers

From expression of the past to challenge of the future: cultural heritage more and more often encounters digital technologies to find new life and take on a crucial role in the social processes that create innovation.

It is the case of Pan Speech and Innovation Heritage, a web platform and European project born to motivate the dialogue about the immense and various cultural heritage of our continent, whose valorization is currently at the centre of the EU political agenda.

Pan Speech and Innovating Heritage were developed by a group of researchers from the University of Siena, in collaboration with the Autonomous University of Barcelona and the University of Ljubljana. Pan Speech is a digital platform open to social networking for creating and sharing contents, ideas, instruments and projects of citizens in the areas of cultural, environment and landscape heritage.

Pan Speech hosts, among others, the project Innovating Heritage, a space dedicated to the debate about the value of art and history, of the great ideas of the past and the innovative ones of the present: a story telling-debate, collective and participated, which compares points of view of the entire Europe in order to valorize our cultural heritage and foster the creation of new identities and forms of citizenship.



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