Unmask the corrupt with Transparency International

Launched last year by Transparency International, the global campaign “Unmask the Corrupt” is now at its voting phase. To highlight the most symbolic cases concerning corruption, TI aims to engage directly people to make governments understand the urgency to act


Proverbiology: what books don’t write...

By the authors of Shortology, the third chapter of the minimalist illustration project that has become viral is going to be released by Lupetti. An ironic review of Italian and foreign sayings


Oliver Stone: 4 secrets for an Oscar-winning storytelling

From the stage of the IAB Forum, Oliver Stone reflects on the relationship between cinema and technology: he rejects movies on smartphones, but he supports social media as new tools for freedom


Content: the new digital emperor

Quality of content, advertising of things and big data: these were the key words of the IAB Forum, with the participation of Oliver Stone as the guest star


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