Proverbiology: what books don’t write...

By the authors of Shortology, the third chapter of the minimalist illustration project that has become viral is going to be released by Lupetti. An ironic review of Italian and foreign sayings

Minimalist tables and essential graphic symbols. That’s how H-57 Creative Station team has illustrated the most popular proverbs in the new book published by Lupetti, titled Proverbiology. The collection, following two other publishing projects, Shortology and Filmology, confirms the success of a narrative strategy characterized by semantic density and immediacy.

A new way of narrating which gained visibility and approval on the web before it did on Italian and International press. The adventure of Shortology, the first issue of the trilogy, was born from the viral sharing of the first illustrated biographies of famous personalities belonging both to modern times and history, from Michael Jackon to Julius Caesar.

After representing movie plots in the second volume, the narrative challenge in Proverbiology are Italian and foreign sayings. Through visual language and irony, the goal is to reinvent and illustrate proverbs – a timeless cultural heritage – with a modern take.



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