Women’s Mediterranean: a step forward for female entrepreneurs in Algeria

Algeria is taking a further step in favour of the empowerment of women in the world of work: the birth of the National Confederation of Female Entrepreneurs and Corporate Managers, under the chairmanship of Saida Neghza, vice-president of Businessmed


The many faces of rhino: Pomilio Blumm Prize Next Artists is back

The 5th edition of the prize for under 20 artists has been launched. Next Artists Prize is promoted by Pomilio Blumm: this year young people from European and Mediterranean countries are called to express their talent by interpreting the concept of a rhinoceros, a symbol of “the prehistory of the future"


ICS magbook #2: a new way for communication in Europe

To be released in January, published by Fausto Lupetti both in English and Italian, the second volume of the series collecting the best theories of communication – and not only – revised and reinterpreted through the vision and experience of Pomilio Blumm


Jeff Jarvis: from mass media to the network of people

From the relentless decline of mass media and their broadcasting logic, to the need to provide customized services and create value for individuals: the opinion of Jeff Jarvis on the ongoing changes in communication and on what we could do to reinvent it to the best



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