Jeff Jarvis: from mass media to the network of people

From the relentless decline of mass media and their broadcasting logic, to the need to provide customized services and create value for individuals: the opinion of Jeff Jarvis on the ongoing changes in communication and on what we could do to reinvent it to the best

«Mass media are dying: the idea itself of masses is in crisis. We need to change perspective: we need to focus on the individual, on people ». Jeff Jarvis has no doubt about that: the media landscape is undergoing epoch-making changes and the models we use to read and interpret these changes are irreparably outdated.

Jarvis, professor at the City University of New York, where he runs the Tow-Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism, explains that «in the past, media used to give products to large groups of people, but we have to shift our idea of media to be a service and understand people as individuals: the idea of treating people all the same as a mass with one product for all just doesn’t work on the Internet anymore».

And on the role of the Web, Jarvis adds: «Internet is not a new medium: it’s brand new and different. It’s not going to have an editor, a publisher or producer, it’s not going to have a gatekeeper, I hope. No one is in charge of it: we’re all in charge of what we do ourselves, what we say and what we choose to believe. We in journalism can help people make better decisions if we do our jobs well».



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