Women’s Mediterranean: a step forward for female entrepreneurs in Algeria

Algeria is taking a further step in favour of the empowerment of women in the world of work: the birth of the National Confederation of Female Entrepreneurs and Corporate Managers, under the chairmanship of Saida Neghza, vice-president of Businessmed

Established on 12th November 2015 in Algeria, the National Confederation of Female Entrepreneurs and Corporate Managers (CNFM), which brings together Algerian female entrepreneurs "to strengthen their role in the economic life of the country," stressed the President of the Confederation, Saida Neghza (in the picture), alongside the constitutive assembly attended by about fifty Algerian female entrepreneurs.

The purpose is a better integration of female managers in the business and economic life of Algeria, also thanks to the partnership with the International Labour Organization for the training of female entrepreneurs and to the strong determination the country has to grow in the future, also at the international level.

In 2014, in Algeria, women were 7.4% (about 130,400) of the total company owners. Saida Neghza is also Vice President of Businessmed, the umbrella organization of the Mediterranean "Confindustria" and Vice President of CGEA, the Algerian central business association.



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