The many faces of rhino: Pomilio Blumm Prize Next Artists is back

The 5th edition of the prize for under 20 artists has been launched. Next Artists Prize is promoted by Pomilio Blumm: this year young people from European and Mediterranean countries are called to express their talent by interpreting the concept of a rhinoceros, a symbol of “the prehistory of the future"

Starting from November 16 the invitation to take part in 2016 edition of Pomilio Blumm Prize Next Artists is active online. The art prize is sponsored by the agency Pomilio Blumm and is designed for under 20 students of art schools in Italy, Europe and the Mediterranean basin.

The theme of the rhino, that has been already the main one in the previous editions, will be again central for this competition: the young artists can explore the meanings and symbolism of rhino, the trademark of Pomilio Blumm, without any limitations concerning the means of expression or techniques. Entries can be submitted until February 16. The award ceremony will be held on March 5 in Pescara (Italy), during the Oscar Pomilio Forum.

The winner will receive a money prize and his or her work will be on display in Brussels during the Blumm Prize: Art in Progress 2016 event. On top of this the agency will propose the winner and the best ranked young artists the possibility to have a weeklong internship at the agency’s headquarters.

Click here for Regulations and more information on the Prize: http://www.blummacademy.com/en/blumm-prize-ne-pomilio-blumm/how-to-participate/

In the photo: the work "Contemporary past" (“Passato contemporaneo”) by Chiara Zucchelli, the winner of Pomilio Blumm Prize Next Artists 2015 edition.



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