EU at Expo Milan: the rich agenda to kick off shortly

Expo Milan 2015 is about to start and the EU is ready to launch its rich agenda of events: on May 8th, the International Conference “Towards a Research Agenda for Global Food and Nutrition Security” will take place


MagBook: the volume signed by ICS communication gurus

The best of articles published over the years on ICS Magzine and gather together during the past editions of the ICS summit becomes a book published by Fausto Lupetti Editore: among others, the names of Zygmunt Bauman, Michael Fertik and Michael Dobbs stand out


André Singer and the Hitchcock’s lost documentary

Recovered from the British archives and integrated with the testimonies of the protagonists of that time, the shoots made by British soldiers after the liberation of the Nazi camps call to the wide audience. To remind the younger generations of the moral significance of the war


Basic values: communication in search of its own roots

Back to reflect upon the immutable values of living together and the basic rules of the common language. Beyond generations, centuries, millennia. The new communication challenge is to return to the universal, to defend a diversity that could finally be "real"



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