Paco Mendez Mexico: from pre-colombian food to Frida Kahlo

Guest of the Oscar Pomilio Forum fourth edition, the starred chef Paco Mendez reflects on the unique, very ancient connection existing in Mexico between cooking and art, from painting to literature


Venice – Mediterranean and enterprises: from “business to business” to “partner to partner”

At the Italy Mediterranean Business Forum, which took place last March 26 in Venice, BusinessMed vice-president Alberto Baban stressed the importance of the Mediterranean for a new way of doing business, based on a “partner to partner” approach


Mediterranean and migration: what is the role of the media?

During the annual COPEAM conference, several speakers have been discussing the key role played by the media as regards migration within the Mediterranean area. Among the participants, Anna Maria Tarantola, vice-president of the European Broadcasting Union


EU Italian Presidency: progress on transparency and anti-corruption

Presented last March 16 by Transparency Italia and Transparency International EU Office, the evaluation of the Italian Presidency of the Council of the EU shows a satisfying picture and acknowledges the commitment of the Italian Government in terms of anti-corruption



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