Abruzzo wines meet Art at Tate Modern

From Tate Modern Gallery to Cartier-Bresson’s photos, the international interest on Abruzzo and its products is growing. The cutting edge is the great red wine Montepulciano d'Abruzzo, “main character” of an innovative communication campaign


Europe united by uncertainty

The economic downturn is the main source of anxiety for most of European citizens. In Spain and Italy, a further concern derives from political uncertainty. That’s the portrait presented by the last report on safety and social security in Europe


Public language as a common good

Amid promises of accessibility and risks of exclusion, opportunities, problems and paradoxes of public communication are the heart of the new issue of “Parole Publique”, the official magazine of the Association Française de Communication Publique


Italy's “Great Beauty” through the Riace warriors’ eyes

Renowned all over the world and recently back on display, the Riace Bronzes still mesmerize. The new ad of Calabria Region celebrates their beauty, with the contribution of two Italian artists: the Maestro Mimmo Jodice and the actor Giancarlo Giannini



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