Italy's “Great Beauty” through the Riace warriors’ eyes

Renowned all over the world and recently back on display, the Riace Bronzes still mesmerize. The new ad of Calabria Region celebrates their beauty, with the contribution of two Italian artists: the Maestro Mimmo Jodice and the actor Giancarlo Giannini

An editing work with the timing of a wave, the details of two amazing bodies flowing across the screen, with an inspired voice-over speaking evocative words. The new ad of Calabria Region is fully centered on the beauty of the Riace Bronzes, recently back on display after an accurate refurbishment work.

Thanks to the successful combination between sounds and images, both the statues seem to regain life and voice, conveying the audience the charm of a timeless land. This result was achieved thanks to the charming shots by the photographer Mimmo Jodice and the actor Giancarlo Giannini’s deep voice: two contemporary examples of the aesthetic sensitivity which has always characterized Italy, especially in the eyes of foreign audience.

The ad - realized by Pomilio Blumm and aired on the main Italian TV channels - is an example of a cultural wide-ranging project, far from the common advertisement-based system, yet aimed to use communication as a catalyst for values, individual and shared social identities.



ICS Editorial

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