ICS Rome 2014

19 Nov 2014 ore 09:45, Sala Pininfarina, Confindustria, Roma

Culture for building Europe

Storytelling: from the Old Continent to the Mediterranean

Heritage communication: on the way to the future

Full of speakers and insights, now in its fifth edition, the ICS Pomilio Blumm Rome appointment has been enriched by the participation of renowned personalities of the heritage industry and contemporary communication. Undisputed protagonist of the summit was Michael Dobbs (House of Cards), one of the most popular storyteller of the moment. Thinking about European identity and culture, he said:

Identity is not defined by Institutions: it's defined by culture. We are Europeans because we do so many things together, we live together, not just because we vote together.

From Britain to the Mediterranean, the summit was even the setting of an unprecedented meeting between Italy and Greece, with the contribution of Fedora Filippi, scientific director of the construction site of the Domus Aurea, and Dimitrios Pandermalis, president of the Acropolis Museum in Athens, which has described the fruition formula chosen by museum center of Athens as follows:

Through modern tools we try to create a relationship as direct as possible between artworks and visitors.

The point on culture and Italian brand showed by Pierluigi D'Agata (Confindustria Assafrica & Mediterranean) and the reflections of Franco Pomilio (ICS Chairman) on the current challenges of European communication opened the event. 

Davide Del Monte, director of Transparency International Italy, offered an overview on transparency issues and the fight against corruption in the European classical culture, while the president of the Fondazione Mediterraneo, Michele Capasso, spoke of her commitment to intercultural dialogue. 

Two important previews have also enriched the day: Anna Maria Lorusso introduced the results of the AISS-Pomilio research The great Italian beauty according Italians: on social network perceptions and representations, while Roberto Pisoni presented a new SkyArte project for the Blumm Prize.

Marco Boscolo, "Wired"  journalist, moderated the event.


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