Kotler’s prophecy: the future (of marketing) is already here

During the PKFM in Milan, the guru Philip Kotler reveals the secrets of marketing 3.0. Neuroscience and storytelling are the keywords for a future where content management becomes essential. The goal? To formulate “the right message for the right person”


The origins of communication with Jimmy Nelson

From the first instantaneous photos of the twentieth century, to the today's mania for selfie: everything confirms that photography is an extremely powerful means, that documents, tells, celebrates. We learn this also fro the experience of Jimmy Nelson, who has captured and given to our memory the last tribes of the world


André Singer and the Hitchcock’s lost documentary

Recovered from the British archives and integrated with the testimonies of the protagonists of that time, the shoots made by British soldiers after the liberation of the Nazi camps call to the wide audience. To remind the younger generations of the moral significance of the war


Zygmunt Bauman: communicating the uncertainty

From the globalised fear to the individual sense of uncertainty and vulnerability, Zygmunt Bauman reflects on the psychological and social impact of liquid modernity. And he warns: the line of historical development, which is pendulum-like, has just changed course




ICS Editorial

Design is a thought activity: we should not replace it with a mere “optimizing” approach, because it’s from imperfections that talent emerges.


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