Lobbying in Europe: a comparative research

"Lobbying in Europe: Hidden Influence, Privileged Access" is the first European comparative research on the phenomenon of lobbying transparency: presented last April, the analysis shows the urgent need for Europe to reform the entire system


From Homer to HOMERe: higher corporate training in the Mediterranean

HOMERe is the name of the programme of the Union for the Mediterranean aimed at developing educational and occupational opportunities in the countries of the South Mediterranean area through internships


The origins of communication with Jimmy Nelson

From the first instantaneous photos of the twentieth century, to the today's mania for selfie: everything confirms that photography is an extremely powerful means, that documents, tells, celebrates. We learn this also fro the experience of Jimmy Nelson, who has captured and given to our memory the last tribes of the world


The paradox of trust

Believing without trusting: the advertising culture was long based on this assumption. But today, the syntax of this phrase can be reversed. This is due to a new pact of trust, co-authored by citizens and institutions in the name of a common ideal of sharing. Sharing of stories, values, common bonds



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