Anna Lindh Foundation: Mediterranean Journalist Award in London

Journalists who have had the courage to reveal "The different faces of intolerance in the Euro-Mediterranean region" were awarded in London by Anna Lindh Foundation. According to the President of the Foundation, Azoulay, becoming aware of the true state of things is the right way to understand that "another Mediterranean is possible"


"The mind" behind House of Cards in Rome for the summit ICS

Why everyone is talking about storytelling? How storytelling can satisfy the new needs of communication related to the enhancement of Europe's heritage? This and much more will be discussed November 19 during the fifth edition of ICS Rome, which can boast Michael Dobbs, the author of House of Cards, among its guests


Spike Lee: building a "European Nation"

The long history of the Old World meets the pioneering sensitivity of one of the most perceptive storytellers of our time: from the US, film director Spike Lee talks about his vision of Europe at the International Communication Summit in Brussels


Politics moved by tweets

The democratic potential of social media has been talked about quite a lot, maybe even too much. But today the maturity of the phenomenon requires new thinking and new reflections. We are starting our reasoning with some indisputable data and the keyword that shuffles the cards on the table: hybridization



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