Anna Lindh Foundation: Mediterranean Journalist Award in London

Journalists who have had the courage to reveal "The different faces of intolerance in the Euro-Mediterranean region" were awarded in London by Anna Lindh Foundation. According to the President of the Foundation, Azoulay, becoming aware of the true state of things is the right way to understand that "another Mediterranean is possible"

"This award is dedicated to those journalists who gave their lives this year to tell stories, who worked with courage to get to the truth, beyond the chaos that is going through the whole region." They come straight to the heart and evoke images that we would like to forget the words of NBC reporter, Ayman Mohyeldin, awarded with the special mention of the Anna Lindh Mediterranean Journalist Award Foundation.

Now in its eighth edition, dedicated to the theme of intolerance Euro-Mediterranean area, the award recognizes the merit and strength of those who wanted to tell the many horrors and injustices that still continue to occur in the Mediterranean.

"We wanted to reward the work of young journalists who have risked their lives to go beyond the headlines," said Tim Sebastian, the internationally renowned journalist and President of the Jury of the Award. He then added: "In the unprecedented chaos and violence that have engulfed the region, quality journalism is more essential than ever". The award was presented on 16 October in the UK office of the Thomson Reuters Foundation and President of the ALF André Azoulay, who stressed that facing the truth, no matter how dramatic it is, is the best way to understand that " another Mediterranean is possible".

Among the winners there were Ayman Moheyldin for his story from the front line of the Arab social unrest; German-Turkish freelance journalist  and film maker Sabine Kuper-Busch for the reportage "Tear Gas and graffiti" broadcasted on TVN, young Croatian journalist and philosopher Srecko Horvat who published the article "Godot arrives in Sarajevo" in the online version of New York Times; Arabic journalist Ali Gamal El-Deen for the radio reports produced by the BBC, "The forbidden love in Egypt"; the Belgian-Egyptian journalist Khaled Diab for his article "Without a God", published by The Outpost; journalists from Italy Federica Araco and Nathalie Galesne, that have published a series of works under the title "Lampedusa, The Tragedy" on the site Babelmed, and Rym Tin Ghazel for her "Love letters from a Syrian prison" published by Huffington Post.



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