Expo 2015: the climate change on EU’s table

The conference promoted by DG SANTE on the impact of climate change on food safety took place last 5th June 2015. An opportunity to reflect on the scientific and socio-economic situation of public health and to raise the awareness of the wide audience


Research in Europe: the new challenge starts from Expo

The European Union has established a Scientific Board to promote an International debate at Expo on the theme of food safety and sustainability in the agricultural field. The contribution of Vladimir Sucha, Director General of the Joint Research Centre


Kotler’s prophecy: the future (of marketing) is already here

During the PKFM in Milan, the guru Philip Kotler reveals the secrets of marketing 3.0. Neuroscience and storytelling are the keywords for a future where content management becomes essential. The goal? To formulate “the right message for the right person”


The method is the message

A new way to build relationships, rather than new tools to communicate them. The challenge set by Expo 2015 is open and it finds in Europe an eligible playing field for a change which starts (also) from a new idea of marketing. Labelled Kotler



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