Pomilio Lab speaking at the legality tour organized by Transparency International Italia

Pomilio Blumm took part at the legality tour organized in collaboration with Transparency International Italia by the Chambers of Commerce of the Region Calabria. Theme of the speech: the value of transparency in corporate communication


TI EU says: public reporting does not affect profits

Greater transparency does not translate into lost competitiveness: according to the new research published by Transparency International EU, transparent companies can improve or maintain their revenue performance


Mediterranean and Sub-Saharan Africa towards new connections

Innovative Mediterranean and sub-Saharan Africa companies and start-ups will meet in Marseille to strengthen collaboration and business, with high technological projects


The Brexit paradox

How “light” is an intangible value like identity? And how heavy are the consequences of unconsciously taking charge of an identity? The paradoxical lesson of Brexit seen through the oblique lens of communication



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