Pomilio Lab speaking at the legality tour organized by Transparency International Italia

Pomilio Blumm took part at the legality tour organized in collaboration with Transparency International Italia by the Chambers of Commerce of the Region Calabria. Theme of the speech: the value of transparency in corporate communication

At the Transparency International Italia legality tour, which took place last July in five Italian cities to promote culture and practices against corruption, Pomilio Blumm gave a speech on the role of transparency in communication.

During the seminar “Transparency in the management of cultural and artistic heritage”, introduced by the President of TI-It Davide Del Monte, the coordinator of the Pomilio Lab, Daniela Panosetti, focused on the theme of transparency as a communicative value and in particular on the potential of transparency to increase the “goodness” of communication and to support the function of communication as “ethical facilitator”.

«A transparent communication is not unfiltered – Panosetti pointed out – but it is equipped with a “smart filter system”, in order to reach different interlocutors with the most effective languages». This purpose is exactly the same of the Pomilio Blumm Prize, the art award promoted by Pomilio Blumm that aims indeed at exploring new codes and at making intangible values, such as transparency, wholly communicable. 



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