Mediterranean and Sub-Saharan Africa towards new connections

Innovative Mediterranean and sub-Saharan Africa companies and start-ups will meet in Marseille to strengthen collaboration and business, with high technological projects

Expanding the Mediterranean horizon to embrace the Sub-Saharan Africa: that’s one of the novelties of the Mediterranean Economic Week, whose tenth edition will be held from 2nd to 5th November 2016 in Marseille.

How can this horizon grow? The main theme of the initiative, one of the most important economic events in the Mediterranean at its 10th birthday, already gives us an answer: “Digital technology for a connected Mediterranean”.

The digital area is consistently growing with high levels of innovation, it provides useful tools to foster competitiveness and productivity in many sectors: manufacturing, energy, logistics, tourism, health. ICT technologies enable the creation of international communication networks.

The Mediterranean Economic Week will gather in Marseille 20 Mediterranean and Sub-Saharan African countries and 3,000 participants, including innovative enterprises, start -up and technological projects partners in order to strengthen public-private cooperation and to develop collaborative networks and business opportunities.

There will be about 300 speeches along with various economic and B2B meetings.

The program of the initiative and the participation form will be online on the website http://www.semaine-eco-med.com/ starting from September 2016.



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