Mediterranean in 3D: ancient Alexandria back to life

Alexandria of Egypt is back to relive its past with International Augmented Med (IAM), a project of 3D reconstruction of the archaeological sites of the city, which will be illustrated by its scientific director, Yasser G. Aref, at the next ICS Summit Europe in Brussels

To give new life to the remains of the past, enhance monuments of ancient times and allow their beauty to be admired. All thanks to the potential offered by 3D reconstruction. This is the International Augmented Med (IAM) project, funded by the European Cross-Border Cooperation in the Mediterranean (CBCMed) for promoting the development of tourism and archaeological sites.

The project has been developed within the Alexandria and Mediterranean Research Center of the Library of Alexandria in Egypt and uses innovative multimedia technologies, such as interactive installations and lighting, to raise awareness of the archaeological heritage of the city.

Dynamics and objectives of the project will also be discussed during the next edition of the ICS Europe by the Director of IAM Yasser G. Aref, who will take part in the summit as a speaker.



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