Anti-Corruption Summit: the Transparency International assessment

A success in promoting new and ambitious anti-corruption pledges on a comprehensive set of key issues in a wide range of countries: that’s how Transparency International evaluated the anti-Corruption Summit held in London last May


South Mediterranean Business associations: more and more women as leaders

The top figures of the three central business organizations in Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia are all women. In line with the UfM (Union for the Mediterranean) action, that gives women a key role to stabilize the national societies and support an enduring development in the Mediterranean area


Future as public good

Gathering individual “visions of the future” and bring them into the public arena, in order to really protect cultural diversities. Here’s the new role of Institutions according to the famous anthropologist


Europe and migrations: Arjun Appadurai and the power of imagination

Twenty years after “Modernity at large”, the great anthropologist Arjun Appadurai reflects on how cultural flows, inside and outside Europe, have changed



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