Anti-Corruption Summit: the Transparency International assessment

A success in promoting new and ambitious anti-corruption pledges on a comprehensive set of key issues in a wide range of countries: that’s how Transparency International evaluated the anti-Corruption Summit held in London last May

On May 12th, forty-three countries from all global regions came to London for the Anti-Corruption Summit, where leaders signed the Global Declaration against Corruption and made 600 country-specific Summit commitments.

Transparency International assessed whether these commitments are: concrete (actionable and measurable); new (generated by the Summit) and ambitious  (strong steps in the context of the country they are coming from).

The overall judgment is quite positive, with more than half of all Summit commitments evaluated as concrete, about a third assessed as ambitious.

But the real verdict – Transparency International points out – will only come when governments follow through and adopt the reforms that prevent corruption and prosecute corruption when it happens. 

The full results of Transparency international assessment are available here: http://www.transparency.org/news/feature/43_countries_600_commitments_was_the_london_anti_corruption_summit_a_succes



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