Online videos to raise corruption awareness

Many partners of Transparency International all over the world are using online videos to focus user attention on the fight against corruption. The video pieces are Ranging from recordings of live performances to feature films


Storytelling, memory and art: European culture at ICS Europe

Cultural heritage will play a leading role in the next ICS Europe Summit in Brussels: not only discussed and analysed by the speakers with a presentation on innovative projects but also celebrated with the exclusive photographic exhibition “Raccontare la bellezza” and the images of the Riace Bronzes


Euromediterranetwork: the first meeting in Brussels with ICS Europe

An alliance of integrated communication agencies with a “European soul”, socially responsible and willing to play an important role in the European and Mediterranean landscape: that’s the identity of the new EuroMediterraNetwork, whose first meeting will be held in Brussels at the end of ICS Europe


Michelangelo Pistoletto: the art that's opening up to the world

Evolving towards an ethical dimension, bringing people freedom and responsibility, pushing towards democracy: this is the mission of art according to Michelangelo Pistoletto, in his passionate appeal to use art as a channel of collective participation



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