SDG Watch Europe: a coalition to monitor EU commitment for 2030

Ensuring that the European Union and its Member States live up to their commitments for a sustainable future is the goal of SDG Watch Europe, a broad coalition formally launched by seventy-five diverse civil society organisations


Brand Morocco: The country launches a super-agency to attract foreign investments and promote its brand

AMDIE - Agence Marocaine de Developpement des Investissments et des Exportations is a unique “super-agency” born from the union of the Moroccan Agency for Investments and Promotion (AMDI), the Centre for Export Promotion (Maroc Export ) and the Office of fairs and exhibitions of Casablanca (OFEC)


I Love NY: Milton Glaser and the secrets of a brand that made history

If the city branding is a widespread reality, the commitment and the search for effective techniques is still open and alive. In order to better understand how a visual symbol can represent a city, till showing its inner “soul”, we had a talk with Milton Glaser, one of the greatest designers of all times, creator of the legendary brand "I Love NY"


Imaginary territories: the city, symbolic driving force of identity

In the era of the convergence between real and virtual spaces, identities are seeking again for a new hold in the physical and symbolic territory of the city. That’s a trend that impacts on city branding, increasingly oriented towards the use of less representative and more abstract symbols, that, for this reason, perhaps, are even more powerful


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