The illusions of democracy

In the heart of the universe and free to choose everything, but only apparently: that’s the firm and final judgment the “Antichrist of Silicon Valley”, Andrew Keen, opposes to the so-called digital revolution. With reference to the Web and its capability to “create” democracy, he worries: today, it’s an illusion


Learning integrity: an educational project by Transparency

How do you talk to students about corruption? This is one of the questions and challenges that Transparency International Italy tried to answer with the project “A path towards legality. My school adopts TI-It”


The duty of citizenship: the project "Europeans, for example"

The book "Social capital and volunteering", published by Logo Fausto Lupetti Editore, underlines good practices concerning solidarity, social responsibility and active citizenship carried out by Reggio Emilia, whose social model has been tested all over Europe


Scanno: the photographers' town, from Jodice to Cartier-Bresson

Two interwoven stories of the last century: the town of Scanno in Abruzzo and the 20th century photography. Two stories cutting through the life of an ancient and modern territory and the works of great masters, such as Henry Cartier-Bresson, Mario Giacomelli and Mimmo Jodice



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